About Armor NOW

Armor NOW is an educational campaign aimed at building awareness around the emerging threats first responders face on the job, providing educational tools and resources to help EMTs, paramedics, fire rescue personnel, and law enforcement officers protect themselves as they protect our communities. Beyond education and training on topics such as armor and other lifesaving gear, Armor NOW is a program developed to connect the first responder community, facilitate active discussions about emerging threats, and serve an advocacy role to help get protective gear into the hands of those who need it most. 

Need For Armor

First responders need protection from the dangers they face on the job.  Whether responding to an everyday call and facing a pointed gun by a confused spouse with dementia, or Rescue Task Force response to a mass casualty incident, the threats are real. Armor NOW is a movement aimed to raise awareness about emerging threats so first responders are better prepared and protected.


Today there is no such thing as an everyday call – with dangerous situations moments from happening on almost any dispatch response, situational awareness is critical. But so is making sure to educate, train and equip yourself and your squad for what is possible, not just what is probable.


NOW, more than ever, EMS and fire/rescue personnel are asked to get closer to the frontlines during active shooter or mass casualty situations. What protection is right for you and your agency? With such an important decision, get the information you need NOW!