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Push to help first responders get body armor

JUNE 2018 - A company that makes bullet resistant material says a growing number of first responders want body armor, but they are having trouble with the cost.

NYPD detective: First responders need body armor

MAY 2018 - As we celebrate National EMS Week and say thanks to all emergency workers for the important work they do in our communities, we also need to address changing times.

DSM Dyneema Launches First Responders Education Campaign

MAY 2017 - DSM Dyneema hosted an event at its North America manufacturing facility to show appreciation for first responders, and announced an upcoming campaign to improve awareness about access to equipment and training.

Dyneema® campaign: EMS workers need body armor

MAY 2017 - Armor NOW campaign demonstrates how body armor could help protect emergency medical responders who are increasingly called into the line of fire.

DSM Dyneema holds luncheon for EMS workers

MAY 2017 - Whenever there’s an emergency, EMTs are there, and many times they’re called into situations where they, too, are in danger.