The rise in active shooter scenarios over the past few years has changed how first responders approach their job. Instead of waiting for law enforcement to secure the area before providing medical care, EMS workers may join tactical response teams on-site, treating victims more quickly, but also putting themselves closer to the active threat. NOW is a movement aiming to raise awareness of this issue to help first responders be better prepared and protected.

Protect the protectors

First responders help protect everyone.
It’s our job to help protect them.

About NOW

In active shooter scenarios, body armor can be the difference between life and death. First responders have not necessarily worn armor, and aren’t familiar with new technologies that protect them as they provide critical, life-saving care.

Educate now

In a 2017 survey, 75% of first responders say their organization is not ready for a high-threat situation. Prepare for dangerous  scenarios NOW by participating in conversations about equipment and training needs in your organization.

Train now

We are building a movement so first responders can better prepare for emerging threats. See upcoming events and opportunities to connect with experts and fellow first responders in developing solutions for challenges faced on the job.